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"Erin is always calm, patient and willing to work with any dog. She's a phenomenal groomer who puts a lot of time, energy and pure love into what she does. One of the best groomers I've ever had the privilege of knowing. I definitely recommend her!"

​Allison A.

"She's an extremely talented groomer! Quick and reliable! She does an amazing job, I would recommend her to anyone!"
Katalina R.
"Erin is an amazingly talented groomer! One of the best!!"
Christina E.
"Erin has years of experience and is fantastic at what she does. Anyone would be lucky to have her groom their pet!"
Fynelle F.
"Erin has groomed Blake for 10 plus years. I would highly recommend her to all my local friends."
Wendy R.
​"Erin is a true professional. All of her dogs go out looking amazing!"

Sarabeth S.

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